The challenge:

Traditional consulting services are often expensive, and outside the reach of non-profits and social enterprises, and most pro-bono services do not have the scale to make a worldwide impact.

How can we improve the effectiveness of such organizations, by helping them overcome challenges they are facing, and have the greatest possible social impact?


the Solution:

180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Michigan provides organizations that are making a meaningful difference in their communities with pro-bono consulting services. We work with these organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges they are facing. 


our unique advantage:

With an extremely selective application process, our branch carefully selects student consultants who are passionate and dedicated to delivering value to our clients and those they reach. By leveraging the creativity, diverse academic backgrounds and technical skills of our members, our organization is able to tackle a wide range of issues for our clients.


Two Aspects of Social Impact:

Here, at 180 Degrees Consulting, we believe that we create two unique spheres of social impact, both of which are weighted equally in our branches philosophy:

1) The first area of social impact that we generate is the value that we create for our clients through our consulting practice and project engagements, allowing our clients to overcome their most pressing issues. Clients provide 180 Degrees consultants with feedback at the end of the engagement, enabling us to continually improve the service that we offer and examine the benefits of our suggestions post-implementation.

2) The second area of social impact that we generate is the development of our members, with regard to their capabilities as consultants, and to them achieving their professional development goals. Consultants allocate their time and expertise to helping our clients, and in return, receive extensive training and mentorship that benefit them both inside and outside the organization.