Every applicant's profile is judged holistically to obtain a more rounded picture of their strengths, however there are some qualities listed below that most competitive applicants have displayed in the past. These qualities may be demonstrated through performance in interviews, responses to the online application, area of study, GPA, extra-curricular involvement, leadership roles, career aspirations, and past work experience.


1) Analytical Abilities & Problem-Solving Skills:

The nature of consulting is such that we are able to deliver the most value for our clients when we solve their problems and propose the most innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the issues they are facing. The analytical abilities and problem-solving skills of our consultants have been the driving force behind the success of our projects and 100% client satisfaction rate. 


2) Teamwork & Leadership:

The vast majority of the work that is conducted by 180 Degrees Consulting is team-based, and we therefore look for consultants who have previously thrived in team settings. Similarly, we look for consultants who have sought and enjoyed leadership roles in the past, since many of our consultants take on Project Manager and Executive Board positions in the organization.


3) Articulation & Professionalism:

Every Business Analyst on our team, regardless of experience in the organization, will meet with our clients senior management team at multiple points during the semester. Therefore, we look for consultants who are able to articulate complex concepts clearly, and present themselves in a professional manner in front of our clients. 


4) Interest in and knowledge of the organization &     its mission:

One of the common threads that unite our members is the passion they have for the work we do, and the unique experience our organization can provide. We have found that those who understand our mission, and who are eager to contribute towards it, are the ones who allow this organization to reach new heights, both for our clients and for our members.