No two projects or clients are the same so we provide a wide array of consulting services to all different types of organizations; ranging from social enterprises with under 5 employees to international nonprofits with 1000+ employees. Primarily, we strive to help our clients overcome their most pressing business challenges or capitalize on their largest opportunities by providing data-backed recommendations that align with our client’s top-line strategy and mission. We help our clients in numerous capacities, including, but not limited to:

  • Strategy

    • Competitive Analysis/Benchmarking

    • Market Entry

    • Organizational Structure

  • Finance

    • Modeling/Forecasting

    • Cost-Effectiveness

    • Accounting

  • Marketing

    • Branding

    • Strategy

    • Market Research

  • Operations

    • Expansion

    • Efficiency

Additionally, we have capabilities in the following:

  • Programming Languages: C++, Python, JavaScript/ES6, Swift, HTML/CSS, Excel VBA

  • Presentation Development/PowerPoint

  • Foreign Languages: Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, Swedish, Telugu, Hindi, Mandarin and more